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The holistic option to actual and transparent environmental results

Embracing sustainability is a complex journey, but with our tailored consultancy, cutting-edge software, and innovative R&D, we make it a seamless path toward responsible leadership and success. We offer insights and strategies that align with your specific sustainability goals. Coupled with software we turn insights into actions that make a real difference. Behind it all is our relentless R&D, driving continuous innovation and ensuring that you're always at the forefront of sustainability practices.


Our science-based services

A multi-faceted approach to navigating the energy transition


Our life cycle assessment (LCA) software offers tailored solutions for raw materials and technology companies, with a clear focus on sustainability. Covering various commodities and aligned with the latest technology trends, we provide unparalleled support in assessing and minimising environmental impact. Our software is at the cutting edge of innovation, enabling businesses to achieve their sustainability goals through intelligent design and efficient tools that reduce waste and optimise value chains.

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Our award-winning sustainability consultancy is underpinned by life cycle assessment (LCA) following ISO standards. We deliver high quality best practice understanding and insights, in raw materials, metals, minerals, and low carbon transition technologies. We focus on delivering state-of-the-art solutions that reduce environmental impact. Our innovative approaches have earned recognition and accolades, making us a frontrunner in LCA within our specialised industries. Through collaboration and commitment, we ensure a more sustainable future for all.

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Our research and development department is dedicated to innovative practices, supporting clients with insights and intelligence that drive success. Collaborating with grant institutions and working on groundbreaking research, we provide knowledge that extends beyond traditional research. Our R&D initiatives fuel our software products with the latest innovations while partnering with clients to offer tailored support. The commitment to research and partnership ensures that we continually navigate complex challenges and reach new heights.

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Examples of our work

LCA report for FREYR

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LCA report for TMM

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Tesla's impact report 2021

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What our clients say

Syrah Resources

“Minviro’s expert team helped us to assess the various environmental impacts of the production of Syrah’s natural graphite and graphite active anode material products, as well as benchmarking us against incumbent Chinese supply chains for alternative products, enabling the company to credibly position its products to target customers, investors and other stakeholders.”

Viren Hira, General Manager of Business Development and Investor Relations


"The LCA projects with Minviro helped Livent in different ways: communication of the environmental impacts of a range of our lithium products from different sites to Livent's internal and external stakeholders, get an understanding in what drives the environmental hotspots of those products, and gain insights in scope 3 emissions."

The Livent LCA Team


Solutions for long-term value, risk reduction and a clear path to sustainability

Our goal is to foster your business's forward-thinking approach for enduring profitability and risk reduction. In a world where environmental impact drives policy changes, taking action today is vital.

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