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White paper on Circular Economy Shaping the Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Using an innovative modelling and investigative approach that uniquely combines Systems Dynamic (SD) modelling and prospective LCA (pLCA), this white paper forecasts the environmental and supply chain benefits of circular economy interventions for the lithium-ion battery (LIB) market, using the UK as a case study. This unique approach provides a best-in-class analysis of the UK's potential to lead in circularity within the battery sector, offering a roadmap for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and researchers.


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Graphic with text overlay reading 'Circular Supply Chain for Rare Earth Elements: Implementing Change' set against a green, wave-like abstract background.

Circular Supply Chain for Rare Earth Elements: Implementing Chan...

Discover how circular economy principles can revolutionise the rare earth elements (REEs) supply chain, tackling sustainability challenges and boosting global resilience.

Minviro’s Quarterly Kick-Off image

Minviro’s Quarterly Kick-Off

A new quarter is an excellent time to reflect, learn, and aspire for growth. At Minviro, we like to host an internal kick-off event that sets the stage for our next chapter. It’s an opportunity to build deeper connections across our teams, reestablish our goals, and kickstart the quarter with renewed enthusiasm.

Nature Reviews Paper – LCA & Geometallurgy image

Nature Reviews Paper – LCA & Geometallurgy

In the transition to a low-carbon economy, the materials powering our innovative solutions are of paramount importance. Yet, producing these materials carries environmental costs that are not always immediately obvious. A comprehensive review published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment titled "Towards sustainable extraction of technology materials through integrated approaches" by Robert Pell, Laurens Tijsseling, and their esteemed colleagues, sheds light on the environmental impacts of the raw materials essential for this green transition.

life cycle assessment

What is Life Cycle Assessment? (LCA)

By definition, life cycle assessment (LCA) is a scientific methodology to assess global environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of a product or process. Beyond this generic definition, here at Minviro we see LCA as a comprehensive and reliable tool that enables environmentally informed decision-making throughout all stages of a project’s or product’s life.

Life Cycle Management: A Critical Platform for Sustainability of Australian Mining image

Life Cycle Management: A Critical Platform for Sustainability of...

The market is in transition, and there is increasing pressure at every stage of the supply chain to quantify, understand and mitigate the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of production, which can be conducted using LCA approaches.

Image with dark blue background featuring a title that reads 'NAVIGATING ACID MINE DRAINAGE WITH LCA' over a visual of abstract blue spheres and bubbles.

Navigating Acid Mine Drainage: A Comprehensive Approach Using Li...

Addressing the environmental challenges of acid mine drainage, this blog offers insights into sustainable mitigation strategies through Life Cycle Assessment, highlighting the importance of preventative measures for healthier ecosystems.

Text saying "Leading the Charge: Solar Photovoltaics in the Energy Transition" with a yellow, green, and orange abstract background.

Leading the Charge: Solar Photovoltaics in the Energy Transition

This blog explores the role of solar photovoltaics (PVs) in the energy transition, highlighting their history, technology, production processes, and environmental impacts. It emphasises the importance of sustainable practices and life cycle assessments (LCAs) to ensure the renewable energy transition remains environmentally responsible.

Wired article: The Surprising Climate Cost of the Humblest Battery Material image

Wired article: The Surprising Climate Cost of the Humblest Batte...

Minviro CEO Robert Pell contributed to this excellent article in WIRED on the climate change impact of graphite.

Text overlay reading 'EU Battery Regulation Guide' on a textured dark background.

EU Battery Regulation and Carbon Footprint Requirements

Explore key aspects of the EU Battery Regulation effective from Feb 2024, including carbon footprint reporting, life cycle assessments, and the rollout of Battery Passports.


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