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Material LCA is a flexible and dynamic tool crafted for material producer and recyclers. Developed to encompass high-quality impact modelling, circular economy simulation, and impact reduction.

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Advancing Environmental Insights

Sustainability and circularity in material production and recycling with Material LCA.

Optimise projects

Material LCA was made for mining and materials industry practises and takes you through the whole LCA process. From goal and scope - to the life cycle impact results. Providing you with data on the essential impact categories, (allowing you to swap the views of your results, from the climate impact of your project, to water, energy, land use and more).


Evaluate your value chain

The software allows you to optimise your value chain by understanding the different impacts of upstream and downstream processes. You can supplement your data with existing datapoints from our tool to explore different scenarios of your process.


Minimise impact

In Material LCA you have an option to identify your projects hotspots, which allows you to better understand where your larger impacts are. As you can explore unlimited scenarios in Material LCA, you can work towards finding a different path that has a better environmental outcome than your initial results. This is an actionable insight for your company to make informed decisions based on.

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What is Material LCA?

Material LCA is a specialised Life Cycle Assessment software tailored to assess the environmental impacts of raw material extraction and production, providing comprehensive insights into the sustainability of materials at the very start of their lifecycle.

Who is Material LCA designed for?

Material LCA is crafted for businesses involved in raw material extraction, mining, and primary production sectors, offering them a focused tool to gauge and improve the environmental aspects of their core operations.

Can a non-LCA expert use Material LCA?

Certainly! Material LCA is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring both LCA novices and seasoned experts can utilise it effectively for accurate assessments.

How will my company benefit from Material LCA?

Material LCA will empower you to improve your company's sustainability practices, providing precise data on material impacts, aiding in informed decision-making, and positioning your business as an eco-conscious leader in raw material sectors.

What is the difference between Material LCA and other LCA products?

While standard LCA products offer a broader overview, Material LCA is uniquely tailored for raw material sectors, backed by in-depth, representative data, ensuring unmatched precision and relevance in assessments related to extraction and primary production.

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