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The first step to acting on your impact, is to truly understand it

The transition to renewable energy is more than a trend; it's a vital pathway to a sustainable future. We recognize the role businesses play in this journey and are committed to empowering them with the tools, insights, and strategies they need to succeed. Through innovative solutions, tailored support, and industry-leading expertise, we help our clients navigate the complexities of the energy transition.


Our industry experience and support

Covering a range of dependencies in the raw material and technology value chain
Mining equipment

Mining & Materials

Our solutions for the mining & materials industries prioritise sustainability without compromising efficiency. We offer tailored strategies that enhance environmental practices while supporting industry growth. Our innovative tools empower organisations to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, fostering responsible mining and manufacturing.

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Battery charging

Batteries & EV

We drive innovation in the batteries & electric vehicle (EV) sector by offering specialised solutions that align with environmental goals. From life cycle assessments to sustainability strategies, our services are tailored to accelerate the transition to clean energy and sustainable transportation.

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Motors & Mobility

Our focus on motors & mobility encompasses comprehensive solutions that propel the industry toward sustainable growth. From energy-efficient designs to environmentally friendly practices, we provide expertise that elevates the entire mobility ecosystem, steering it towards a greener future.

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Our commitment to renewable energy shines in our solutions for the photovoltaics industry. We support the growth and innovation of solar power through life cycle assessments, net zero strategies, and sustainability consulting. Our approach ensures that photovoltaics remain at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

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LCA report for TMM

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Tesla's impact report 2021

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What is the significance of the energy transition for businesses?

The energy transition represents a crucial shift towards sustainability and a greener future. For businesses, it means adapting to new energy sources and practices to reduce environmental impact and ensure long-term success.

How can understanding the impact of our actions help in the energy transition?

Understanding our impact is the first step in making meaningful change. It allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions that align with sustainable energy practices.

What role does Minviro play in guiding businesses through the energy transition?

Minviro is committed to empowering businesses by providing them with tools, insights, and strategies to navigate the complexities of the energy transition. We offer innovative solutions and tailored support to drive sustainable growth.

How does Minviro support a range of industries in the transition to renewable energy?

Minviro's industry expertise covers various dependencies in the raw material and technology value chain. We work closely with industries like mining & manufacturing, batteries & EV, motors & mobility, and photovoltaics to prioritise sustainability while promoting growth.

What are the key drivers behind Minviro's solutions for the batteries & EV sector?

In the batteries & EV sector, Minviro focuses on driving innovation that aligns with environmental goals. We provide specialised solutions, such as life cycle assessment and sustainability strategies, to accelerate the transition to clean energy and sustainable transportation.

What does Minviro offer to the motors & mobility industry to steer it towards a greener future?

Minviro's comprehensive solutions for motors & mobility encompass energy-efficient designs and environmentally friendly practices. We aim to elevate the entire mobility ecosystem, contributing to a more sustainable future.

How does Minviro support the growth and innovation of solar power in the photovoltaics industry?

Minviro is committed to renewable energy in the photovoltaics sector. We provide support through life cycle assessment, net-zero strategies, and sustainability consulting, ensuring that photovoltaics remain at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.


Solutions for long-term value, risk reduction and a clear path to sustainability

Our goal is to foster your business's forward-thinking approach for enduring profitability and risk reduction. In a world where environmental impact drives policy changes, taking action today is vital.

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