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We quantify environmental impacts through science-driven consultancy, software, research, and data. Enabling businesses in the raw material and technology value chains to progress on their sustainability journey.

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why minviro?

Solutions for long-term value and risk reduction

With Minviro, you have a team of scientists and specialists with extensive industry knowledge that will support you on the journey to:

+ Reduce risks

+ Achieve a competitive edge

+ Align and understand regulation and compliance

+ Excel your operational efficiency with ESG

+ Gain a more sustainable supply chain

+ Innovate in new areas and expand to new markets


Our Services

Grounded in Life Cycle Assessment


LCA Software

Our robust LCA software empowers businesses to measure, manage,and optimise their environmental impact, fostering informed decision-making.



An award-wining consultancy offering advanced sustainability expertise, employing science-backed solutions that are ISO compliant.


Research & Development

Pioneering LCA innovations, sustainability methodologies and driving knowledge development across our teams and technologies.


Let us lead your business to resilience amid environmental policy changes

Our goal is to foster your business's forward-thinking approach for enduring profitability and risk reduction. In a world where environmental impact drives policy changes, taking action today is vital.

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About us

3 international offices with a purpose-driven team

Since 2019, we have delivered 200+ successful projects, from life cycle environmental assessments of mining projects to quantifying the impacts of some of the world’s leading electric vehicle companies and their supply chains.

In January, we received a £2.1M investment, marking a significant milestone for our growth. We’ve also expanded our global presence by establishing new offices in China and Australia.




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What our clients say

Syrah Resources

“Minviro’s expert team helped us to assess the various environmental impacts of the production of Syrah’s natural graphite and graphite active anode material products, as well as benchmarking us against incumbent Chinese supply chains for alternative products, enabling the company to credibly position its products to target customers, investors and other stakeholders.”

Viren Hira, General Manager of Business Development and Investor Relations


"The LCA projects with Minviro helped Livent in different ways: communication of the environmental impacts of a range of our lithium products from different sites to Livent's internal and external stakeholders, get an understanding in what drivers the environmental hotspots of those products and gain insights in scope 3 emissions."

The Livent LCA Team


White paper on Circular Economy Shaping the Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Using an innovative modelling and investigative approach that uniquely combines Systems Dynamic (SD) modelling and prospective LCA (pLCA), this white paper forecasts the environmental and supply chain benefits of circular economy interventions for the lithium-ion battery (LIB) market, using the UK as a case study. This unique approach provides a best-in-class analysis of the UK's potential to lead in circularity within the battery sector, offering a roadmap for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and researchers.


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