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Tesla Impact Report 2021

Robert Pell26th Jul 2022 14:24


In a rapidly evolving electric vehicle market, understanding the environmental implications of battery production is paramount. Tesla, a frontrunner in this industry, sought expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to comprehend the global warming potential across their battery supply chain. Minviro, recognized for its deep expertise in LCA, became Tesla's choice for this critical assessment.


To identify and analyze the significant global warming potential hotspots across eight specific processing routes for sourcing cobalt, nickel, and lithium – three key elements in Tesla's battery production.


Hotspot Identification: A methodical approach to understanding the GHG emissions from the production of cobalt, nickel, and lithium was initiated.

Deep Dive into Battery Compositions: Recognizing that different battery compositions have unique environmental impacts, an in-depth analysis was undertaken.

Supply Chain Analysis: A holistic assessment of the cathode and anode supply chains, including a focused study on nickel, lithium, and cobalt, was conducted.

Refining vs. Mining: A comparative analysis to understand the GHG emissions from the chemical processing stages versus the mining stages.


Key Findings

Major Hotspots: The study pinpointed nickel and lithium as the primary contributors to GHG emissions within the cathode supply chain.

Cobalt's Minimal Role: Contrary to common beliefs, cobalt emerged as a minimal contributor to GHG emissions.

Chemical Processing Impact: The analysis revealed that the chemical processing stages, especially refining and smelting, had a more pronounced environmental impact than mining.


Minviro's analysis provided Tesla with actionable insights into their supply chain, empowering them to make informed decisions. The findings underscored the significance of understanding the environmental impacts at each stage of battery production and identified areas for potential improvements.


Tesla's 2021 Impact Report prominently featured Minviro's contributions, solidifying our position as a leading expert in LCA and reinforcing our commitment to fostering a sustainable future.


This partnership with Tesla exemplifies Minviro's dedication to advancing environmentally responsible practices within the battery and EV industry. By offering precise insights and recommendations, we are actively shaping the industry's journey towards a more sustainable future.

See Tesla's 2021 impact report here

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