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Green Claims and LCA Guide

By Jessie Briggs, Adriana Merino, Zienab Elghoul

This comprehensive guide provides expert, easy-to-follow insights into making credible green claims. With an introduction to green claims, life cycle assessment (LCA), as well as essential tips on communicating environmental impact accurately and transparently. Our guide is a crucial tool for individuals and businesses to avoid greenwashing and accurately market their environmental impact.


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This detailed guide, written by Minviro, will elaborate on the intricacies of green claims and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It is an essential resource for businesses and individuals looking to understand and communicate environmental impacts while avoiding greenwashing.

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This report focuses on green claims and LCA: a guide for business reporting.

Breaking Down Green Claims

Understand the complexity behind green claims, including common pitfalls like greenwashing, and learn about frameworks and definitions that help in making accurate environmental claims.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Green Claims

Discover the importance of LCA in substantiating environmental claims. This section covers how LCA evaluates environmental aspects and guides businesses in reducing their impact.

Guiding Principles for Credible Green Claims

Minviro's four guiding principles – Evidence-driven, Transparent, Holistic, and Context-based – are pivotal for substantiating and communicating credible green claims.

Making Credible Claims in Practice

Practical examples and tips on how to apply Minviro’s guidelines across different scenarios and platforms, ensuring your environmental claims are robust and reliable.


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