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Explore the Elements: Aluminium

By Costanza Tinari

Discover the versatility and sustainability of aluminium in our comprehensive report. Learn about its unique properties, production processes, and significant role in the transition to renewable energy. Uncover how aluminium's recyclability and strength contribute to technological advancements and sustainable development.


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A Guide to Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable metal with diverse applications from beverage cans to aircraft parts. Its recyclability and strength make it a key player in sustainable development and technological innovation.

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This specific guide is focused on Aluminium.

Properties and Uses

Understand why aluminium is essential in various industries, with unique characteristics like non-toxicity and rust resistance making it irreplaceable in modern technology.

Geology and Sources

Explore the geological formation of aluminium and the global distribution of its primary source, bauxite ore, which forms under specific environmental conditions.

Production Process

Learn about the complex processes involved in transforming bauxite into high-quality aluminium, including the energy-intensive Bayer and Hall-Heroult processes.

Market Dynamics

Discover the factors influencing the global aluminium market, the major players in the supply chain, and the impact of energy availability on production.

Sustainability Efforts

Dive into the initiatives and innovations aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aluminium production, enhancing its recyclability, and advancing towards a circular economy.


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Cover of the 'Explore the Elements: Aluminium' report by Minviro, featuring a stylised geometric design and an abstract image of aluminium ore.

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