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Lithium de France on using Minviro's Material LCA software



    Robert Pell22nd Jun 2023 15:36

    Case study from Lithium de France on using Material LCA

    Lithium de France, a subsidiary of France’s Arverne Group, develops projects for the synergistic production of geothermal heat and green lithium. Our goal is to deliver a green, carbon-free future, and the impact of our lithium must be as low as feasibly possible.

    As we explore options for extraction and processing at our site in Alsace, we are assessing new processes that will give us optimum value from the facility while not compromising our low carbon objectives. We initially worked with Minviro’s consultancy team, who helped us to evaluate the environmental proposition of different flow sheet configurations. This showed key impact areas to focus on. The Minviro team then uploaded our LCA models to Material LCA, allowing us to interrogate the details further and quickly evaluate the carbon impact of different options.

    We expect to get much more use out of Material LCA as we develop new scenarios and as we move to operation we can see the software having continued use to help us monitor and report on performance. If you are looking to quickly assess and understand the impacts of your projects I would strongly suggest giving Material LCA a try. Hussam Aldoori notes “We are moving fast with design and Material LCA allows the impact analysis to keep pace.”

    Note from the team at Minviro: The software previously known as MineLCA has recently changed to Material LCA

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