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Nature Reviews Paper – LCA & Geometallurgy



    Robert Pell23rd Sep 2021 21:06

    In the transition to a low-carbon economy, the materials powering our innovative solutions are of paramount importance. Yet, producing these materials carries environmental costs that are not always immediately obvious. A comprehensive review published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment titled "Towards sustainable extraction of technology materials through integrated approaches" by Robert Pell, Laurens Tijsseling, and their esteemed co-authors, sheds light on the environmental impacts of the raw materials essential for this green transition.

    The review emphasizes the importance of understanding these impacts to align the benefits of renewable technologies with responsible raw material production. Two significant methodologies highlighted are the integrated life cycle assessment and geometallurgical approach. Life cycle assessments provide a holistic view of the environmental implications tied to material production, from mining to manufacturing. On the other hand, the geometallurgy approach empowers geologists to select exploration targets that inherently have a lower environmental footprint.

    By melding these two methods, the team offers a solution for enhancing the resource efficiency of technology materials, focusing on in-situ ore properties and process simulations. The recommendation is clear: by incorporating these strategies in the early development phases of projects, we can pave the way for a low-carbon economy powered by materials with a minimized environmental impact.

    For those interested in delving deeper, this illuminating article has garnered significant attention, with over 8,000 accesses, 33 citations, and an impressive Altmetric score of 115. Dive into the details and join the conversation on creating a sustainable future.

    You can find it here

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