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Syrah Resources on a robust high-quality life cycle assessment from Minviro



    Phoebe Whattoff26th Sep 2023 15:49

    Case study from Syrah Resources on our LCA consultancy service.

    Syrah Resources (“Syrah”) owns and operates a globally significant natural graphite mining and processing operation in Balama, Mozambique, supplying graphite concentrate for the battery anode and other customer markets. Syrah aims to be the first major integrated producer of graphite active anode material outside of China, with an active anode material processing facility nearing start of production in Vidalia, Louisiana.

    Following an evaluation of numerous life cycle assessments (LCA) consultants globally, we engaged Minviro in 2021. Our goal was to comprehensively assess the impacts of producing graphite concentrate at Balama and anode active material at Vidalia, to identify meaningful opportunities for abatement in our processes, and to compare our impacts to the impacts of production of alternative products in China. Minviro’s unique expertise in understanding graphite supply chains as well as ISO-complaint LCAs suited Syrah’s requirements to have a robust high-quality assessment and a defensible comparison.

    The outcome of Syrah’s engagement with Minviro was a fully critically reviewed ISO-complaint LCA, which met our goals and allowed us to effectively communicate our environmental impacts to customers, investors and other stakeholders who are increasingly focused on this critical topic. I would recommend Minviro to battery material and industrial companies, seeking to assess and reduce their environmental impacts through a robust process to demonstrate to stakeholders that they take a best in class approach.

    "Minviro’s expert team helped us to assess the various environmental impacts of the production of Syrah’s natural graphite and graphite active anode material products, as well as benchmarking us against incumbent Chinese supply chains for alternative products, enabling the company to credibly position its products to target customers, investors and other stakeholders."

    Viren Hira, General Manager of Business Development and Investor Relations, Syrah Resources

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