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Minviro and Gemserv Announce Strategic Partnership



    Jordan Lindsay

    Minviro is delighted to unveil our collaboration with Gemserv, an authority in Corporate Sustainability. Our joint venture is poised to design cutting-edge sustainability frameworks and initiatives. These will not only be standout at the corporate echelon but also be meticulously scrutinized for practicality, encompassing economic and ecological enhancements across product supply chains, and within research and development spheres.

    This comprehensive alliance fuses Minviro's prowess in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) with Gemserv's acumen in corporate sustainability, furnishing clients with a cohesive evaluation of their corporate sustainability measures and the life cycle of their products.


    Waco Yokoyama, Consultant at Gemserv, notes:

    "The alliance with Minviro ushers in a new era, marrying Gemserv's savvy in corporate sustainability and policy analysis with Minviro's solid environmental life cycle assessment. As the industry shifts towards low carbon solutions, we recognize the varying sustainability of green technologies; each carries a unique footprint shaped by factors like sourcing, value chain integration, quality, and end-of-life treatment.

    Our collaboration promises clients enhanced understanding of their products' and activities' footprints, from raw material sourcing to disposal, spotlighting concealed emissions and toxic hotspots, and revealing sustainable alternatives. This insight is pivotal for clients crafting fact-based decarbonization strategies and is equally vital for policy makers committed to a comprehensive approach to net zero. Our joint effort is geared towards pinpointing best practices and mitigating the indirect impacts of producing sustainable goods. As regulatory frameworks tighten, this knowledge positions manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge."

    Robert Pell, Founder and CEO of Minviro, underscores:

    "The synergy of Minviro’s unparalleled expertise in raw material and product life cycle assessments with Gemserv’s extensive corporate sustainability services heralds an innovative partnership that equips decarbonization technology producers with the necessary data and assurance to pioneer future technology arenas. Our combined efforts, initially focusing on heat pump technology—a fundamental element in societal decarbonization—guarantee environmentally mindful sourcing and production. Additionally, by delivering a comprehensive sustainability analysis on this essential innovation, we enable products and their producers to stay at the forefront of evolving legislation, which is especially pertinent in light of new regulations on critical minerals and the carbon footprint of batteries."

    This partnership is especially significant as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive takes effect, influencing 49,000 companies throughout the EU. Gemserv and Minviro are ready to assist companies in navigating these new regulations and provide product-level guidance.

    To find out more please contact us here.

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