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Case Study

Maptek x Minviro

Jordan Lindsay26th Jul 2022 14:48


The surging global demand for clean and renewable energy solutions underlines the pivotal role of the mining industry. As the world gravitates towards a low-carbon economy, the mining sector faces challenges in balancing its output with environmental responsibilities. This case study delves into how Minviro's expertise in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) combined with Maptek’s innovative technologies provides a holistic solution for the mining industry to minimize its environmental footprint.


To utilize the combined expertise of Minviro and Maptek in addressing the environmental challenges of the mining sector, by offering optimized material movement scenarios and rigorous environmental impact analyses.

The Challenge

Given the projected dramatic rise in mineral production like lithium and nickel, the mining industry must evolve its strategies anchored in data science, modeling, and agile decision-making to ensure sustainability.

The Approach

Collaborative Action: Recognizing the mining sector’s complexities, Maptek sought Minviro's LCA specialization to develop a comprehensive solution.

Harnessing Technology: Using Maptek's Evolution software, a resource block model was created, aiding in delineating geological domains and estimating grades.

Scenario Planning: Engineers had the flexibility to explore varied designs, haul routes, or unconventional material movement methods.

Life Cycle Analysis: Minviro then accessed the created schedules from the cloud, performed an in-depth LCA for each scenario, and delivered actionable insights on environmental impacts.

Results & Impact

Proactive Environmental Strategy: With Minviro's emphasis on introducing LCA from the planning phase, the mining industry can now anticipate potential environmental impacts and devise mitigative strategies proactively.

Comprehensive Analyses: Minviro’s rigorous LCA covered a spectrum of environmental impact categories, offering mining companies detailed insights into potential environmental ramifications.

Informed Decision Making: The collaboration empowered mining companies with data-driven insights, enabling them to consider a wide array of scenarios and make informed decisions that balance material movement with environmental considerations.

Client Feedback

Dr. Rob Pell, founder of Minviro, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating that Minviro’s vision of incorporating LCA from the outset stands as a beacon for the industry. The results reiterate the importance of a comprehensive, holistic approach to mining that takes into account environmental impacts throughout the supply chain.


This collaboration between Minviro and Maptek serves as a testament to the power of combining technological prowess with environmental stewardship. With tools like MineLCA and the shared vision of both companies, the future of sustainable mining looks promising. The case underscores the transformative potential of partnerships that align on vision and innovation to drive industry-wide positive change.

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