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The Battery Report 2021



    Jordan Lindsay26th Jul 2022 15:10

    We're excited to share some highlights from the recently released "Battery Report" by BatteryBits and Intercalation. This impressive 130-page document captures the key advances in the battery industry throughout 2021 and provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of battery research, industry trends, talent dynamics, and policy shifts.

    A commendable collaborative effort, this report represents the insights of 40 experts hailing from 34 different organizations, which includes top-tier institutions, emerging startups, and specialized research groups. Minviro is honored to have been mentioned amongst these esteemed contributors.

    Here are some pivotal takeaways from the report:

    Industry Insights: The report underscores the accelerated efforts by industry stakeholders to achieve higher energy densities and reduce costs, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions. It sheds light on the rising focus on silicon anodes, solid-state battery technologies, the growing preference for LFP chemistries, the introduction of sodium ion technologies, and the consistent expansion of stationary storage.

    Research Highlights: Academic endeavors in 2021 leaned predominantly towards battery management systems. Subsequent focus areas include in-depth studies on battery components, notably cathode, electrolyte, and anode.

    Talent in the Battery Sector: The battery industry is on the cusp of a talent boom, with job opportunities predicted to increase tenfold over the next decade. However, a significant talent gap is anticipated, especially in the upstream value chain.

    Policy Perspectives: Governments worldwide are rolling out policies aimed at bolstering a robust battery ecosystem, which will, in turn, propel economic growth.

    Predictions for the Future: The report delves into potential trends poised to shape the industry in the coming year. These include collaborative ventures between battery and automobile manufacturers, a surge in climate-focused venture capital, strategic investments by OEMs in the future of electric vehicles, and more.

    We encourage all our readers, whether you're a battery professional, researcher, or enthusiast, to delve into this insightful report. The knowledge it offers will undoubtedly catalyze meaningful discussions on the future trajectory of the battery industry.

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