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Minviro through to the next stage of Innovate UK's ICURe programme



    Robert Pell11th Sep 2019 07:26

    In addition to the successful pitch and advancement to the next stage of the ICURe programme, the Minviro team had a valuable opportunity to engage directly with key players in the mining and metals industry on the topic of sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This helped gather insights and opened doors for meaningful dialogue around implementing LCA as a standard practice in mining projects.

    Robert Pell took the chance to present Minviro's approach to LCA in the mining and metals sector to a group of industry experts. The presentation focused on how LCA can serve as a comprehensive tool for understanding environmental impacts and identifying areas for improvement. It also touched upon the role of LCA in risk analysis, which garnered considerable interest among the audience. The expertise of the industry professionals in attendance provided invaluable feedback, reinforcing the belief that there's a growing need and appetite for incorporating LCA into the mining and metals industry for more sustainable operations.


    "The conversations we had with mining and metal companies were enlightening and affirmed the value of what Minviro aims to bring to the industry," said Robert. "We believe that LCA has a significant role to play in shaping more sustainable practices in mining, and we're excited to be at the forefront of that change."

    The success at this stage of the ICURe programme and the productive conversations around LCA with industry experts mark a promising milestone for Minviro. As the team looks forward to the application for Grant funding and potential external investment opportunities, they also continue to deepen their engagement with the industry to drive home the importance and utility of Life Cycle Assessment in achieving sustainability goals.

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