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Minviro secures investment for sustainable mining



    Robert Pell9th Apr 2020 12:00

    A pivotal moment in Minviro's journey towards promoting environmental sustainability in the mining and raw materials sector.

    As a company sprung from the profound expertise of the University of Exeter, we are honored to have secured a vital investment that will significantly aid our mission and development. Sustainable Ventures, an esteemed entity that champions and invests in new sustainable ventures, has extended to us an investment package of £125,000. This generous support doesn’t just stop at the financial aspect; we are also set to benefit from their invaluable guidance through the Sustainable Accelerator Programme.

    A quick glimpse into our inception: Dr. Robert Pell, our esteemed founder, brought Minviro to life after his extensive research at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter. Mentored by the brilliant Professor Frances Wall and Dr. Xiaoyu Yan, Dr. Pell crafted advanced methodologies and technologies capable of forecasting the environmental ramifications of mining projects right from their conception.

    With these innovative tools, Minviro has already marked its footprint on various global commercial projects. We are committed to assisting mining companies in measuring and consequently minimizing their environmental footprint.

    The University of Exeter has been a cornerstone in our journey. Jim Williams, the University of Exeter’s research commercialisation manager, remarked, "Minviro’s swift progression from a lab concept to a successful commercial reality is truly commendable. It’s exhilarating to witness a fresh wave of mining technology originating from the University of Exeter in Cornwall, a hub of mining innovation. Minviro epitomizes the University's adeptness in environmental intelligence, and its capacity to usher in positive environmental and economic impacts on a global scale."

    On the investment front, Susannah Mcclintock, Investment Director at Sustainable Ventures, conveyed their anticipation: "We're thrilled to embark on this partnership with Minviro. Our confidence in Minviro’s unique assessment tool is rooted in its potential to redefine the environmental trajectory of the mining sector. We envision Minviro’s tool becoming an industry benchmark, catalyzing unprecedented environmental improvements across the board."

    Dr. Pell encapsulated our sentiments perfectly by recognizing this funding as "a momentous juncture for Minviro, propelling us to foster sustainability in mining like never before." He further stressed the importance of our mission, saying, “By offering insight into the environmental performance at the initial stages of mining projects, we can strategically assess myriad options and refine the project to curtail adverse impacts. Our vision is to make this technology ubiquitous for all impending mining and metal projects, especially given the forecasted surge in material use by 2060.”

    Read the article from university of Exeter here.

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