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E-Tech Europe 2022 video interview



    Robert Pell26th Apr 2022 14:29

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    At the E-Tech event, the interviewer speaks with Dr. Robert Pell, the founder and director of Minviro. Dr. Pell introduces Minviro as a London-based UK company that aids mining, metals refining, and manufacturers in the EV motor and battery cell sectors in understanding the environmental impact of their processes and products.

    They provide consultancy as well as technological tools for this purpose. Specifically, at E-Tech, they are showcasing "MineBIT", a tool designed for cell manufacturers to comprehend the environmental footprint of their products. It allows companies to understand the environmental consequences of their supply chain decisions, such as choosing between different suppliers of lithium hydroxide or nickel.

    Dr. Pell also mentions an ongoing project named "CSyARES", aiming to quantify impacts within the rare earth value chain, crucial for EV motors. This project combines the life cycle assessment approach to measure environmental impacts with a blockchain provider at each supply chain stage, offering an innovative approach to tracking and understanding environmental consequences.

    Concluding the interview, Dr. Pell explains his reason for attending the E-Tech trade show: E-Tech covers a diverse range of technology providers and manufacturers crucial for the low-carbon transition. He believes Minviro has valuable insights to offer these companies, especially given the increasing pressures on manufacturers to understand and minimize their environmental impact in the coming years.

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